Partnering with Planet Venus Audio Technologies

Sonic Studio® has partnered with Planet Venus Audio Technologies® to offer the first and only implementation of coherence audio processing technology. The first implementation is as a music Mastering tool different from any other, called Spectral Coherence Control®. However, this technology can be applied and licensed directly to OEMs, because the patented technology embedded in Spectral Coherence Control® algorithm has wide application across a range of audio applications:

  • recording and mastering of music projects,
  • audio playback system compensation (portable, home, and commercial),
  • restoration of audio program material to its original natural sound, 
  • public address and concert hall sound system optimization for clarity and intelligibility, 
  • improvement in intelligibility for the sound provided by hearing aids,
  • improvement in intelligibility of commercial advertisements for radio/TV/streaming audio

Contact us via email with your questions and we will be glad to work with you to determine how the technology behind Spectrum Coherence Control® can be applied to your product to bring better performance and open up new markets. We look forward to hearing from you.