Coherence plays a crucial role in audio engineering; it involves the phase / timing relationships between audio signals and their impact on sound quality, spatial perception, perceived dynamics, and creative possibilities.

High count (DAW or Console) multi-track engineering by definition introduces coherence problems, because different microphones capture the same sound source with varying amplitude and phase relationships, but we are so accustomed to the results we may no longer notice

Coherence problems are really unintended distortion by-products added to the music – until Spectral Coherence Control® there was no way to know the exact effects, or to surgically remove them to restore coherence

Download the Spectral Coherence Control® free Trial – install it, put it on your Mix bus – load one of the ‘Repair a dense mix’ Presets – hit the Preview button (Rev 1.0.3+) then hear and see the distortion being removed!

When the Bypass and Preview buttons show white, the white top plot shows the original audio FFT while the red bottom plot shows the repaired audio FFT plot – see the difference and listen to the results! To see the distortion being removed, toggle the Preview button to Yellow, then the White FFT plot at the top of the GUI shows the FFT of the removed distortion.– hear and see SCC at work!

For engineers and musicians who strive to maintain sound quality, spatial perception, perceived dynamics, and create captivating, immersive audio experiences, the new Spectral Coherence Control® tool is for you. Download it and leave your competition wondering how your results sound so good.

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Perfect Audio Reproduction Using NEW Technology.

Reproduced music is not like the original – known imperfections in the audio capture and playback chain color the music.

These colorations are typically addressed with current technology & DAW tools. In 2023 audio is considered a done deal, with maybe a minor upgrade here or there possible with an updated processing tool.

No chain is stronger than its weakest link, and there are lots of weak links in the audio chain! Some were unknown until now & audio is about to get a lot more interesting because of what we have learned !

It took ‘outside the box’ thinking to find the unknown weak links, and more innovation to find a way to control them……but a new company, Planet Venus Audio Technologies®, has done just that!

Planet Venus Audio Technologies®, has uncovered how the audio reproduction chain alters the sound of the music! And further, has developed a way to compensate for it so you can finally hear all of the subtle detail present in the music, that you could not hear until now!

To bring this breakthrough to you, a partnership between Planet Venus Audio Technologies® and SonicStudio® developed a totally new type of DAW plug-in: US Patent #10587983 technology implemented in a tool that can alter the perceived clarity or blended nature of your sound, or another way to describe it is a way to alter the Coherence of the sound.

The Spectral Coherence Control® plug-in allows you to selectively alter the Coherence of your music. You adjust 4 parameters, as you listen, to tune your sound just the way you want it! Hear all of the details that have been hidden or covered until now, finally available for your enjoyment!

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