Spectral Coherence Control®

A groundbreaking new tool, the first plug-in of its kind (US pat # 10587983) that allows you to :

  • Modify and refine the subtle elements in recordings or live sound to your liking, while keeping the music intact.
  • Adjust the Coherence by adding or subtracting subtle detail enhances the clarity or the blended sounding nature of your audio.

Selective Emphasis Control

Spectral Coherence Control® allows your desired sounds to be “featured” and your undesired sounds to be “de-emphasized” selectively

  • Increasing Coherence brings desired sounds to the foreground and creates a more clear sounding audio, increasing the transient attacks and perceived dynamics
  • Reducing Coherence pushes sounds to the background, creating a more blended audio with reduced perceived dynamics and softer attacks

Hear The Difference

Spectral Coherence Control® essentially allows you to tune the overall sound quality to your desired target playback environment. By using Spectral Coherence Control® multiple ways on the same music, you can prepare audio for the desired playback qualities so the music sounds best through equipment such as headphones and earbuds, or speakers. You simply retune the parameters by listening through headphones, for example, as you tune for headphones etc. – each type of playback path has different sound characteristics, but you can get a consistent sound for each type of equipment with different settings for each target application.

Spectrum Coherence Control® is different from other Plug-ins because it allows you to control the low-level musical information that defines the type of sound that you perceive, and then lets the core audio material shine through in a way no other tool can. With Spectrum Coherence Control® using just a few parameters, with care and a head-start with a curated preset suite of values to pick from, you can create compelling and dynamic, or organic and smooth audio that prior to this breakthrough has not been possible to achieve with any tool.

CLICK HERE to download the Audio WAV demonstration for a higher quality audio than the video contains.

CLICK HERE to download the ReadMe file for how to get the best listening experience when auditioning the Artist Connection high resolution audio samples

Total Control

Spectral Coherence Control® gives you total control over the music coherence alteration process

  • Recordings contain varying amounts and levels of artifacts mixed in with the musical components. Most of them are by-products of the multi-mic recording process, some are due to inherent equipment limitations. These artifacts require our brains to work harder to process the extraneous information leading to listener fatigue in some situations – now you can adjust those artifacts to your liking.
  • Play in real time, adjust the parameters, and hear the difference in unwanted sonic artifacts across all of the frequency bands with the Essentials version, which allows the user to tune the four Global parameters (Separation / Resolution / Reference / Coherence). Users of the Mastering version are additionally allowed to tune Reference level and Coherence in each of the frequency bands independently as well as adjust the Gain compensation for Spectral Coherence Control® processing
  • Work based on your personal preference, or those of your customer, to alter sound quality the way you want it; more, or less coherent across the frequency bands (clearer or more blended sounds across the bands)
  • How do you like to listen to your mix or your sound system? Do you prefer to be in the concert hall front row where you can distinguish each instrument and feel the sound pressure of each, or do you prefer to be further back in the audience, where the sound becomes a blend of all music aspects that gently envelopes you?

Spectrum Coherence Control® will let you adjust your music to put your ears wherever you want for the type of sound you want, in the seat of your choice, or a seat that in a concert hall does not exist in space, but that you can create!

New Technology For the Audiophile

All music listeners have differing tastes in their music, with some more interested in sonic detail, usually accomplished through close microphone techniques, while others prefer a more blended sound, usually accomplished with more distant microphone placement. Certainly, use of different microphones with various instruments can modify the overall sound quality, independent of microphone positioning, but for the most part, listeners are subject to the tastes of the recording/producing engineers. They determine the overall sound quality, and we have to hope we like the audio tastes of the teams that recorded our favorite tracks! That is about to change with the availability of the new Spectral Coherence Control® plug-in !

Imagine you’re sitting in the upper balcony at a show. The music making it to your ears has bounced around, commingling, making it smooth and warm. Spectral Coherence Control® can be used to create that organic blend that some of our ears have grown to love so you get the sound quality you want on your home or portable audio rig. No sound overpowering the other, nothing stands out from anything else, just the way you want it.

  • This type of sound is obtained by using the “less Coherent” settings; select from all of the negative range of values for the adjustable Coherence parameter to obtain a more “Blended” sound

Or alternatively, by highlighting certain sounds, instruments, or voices, Spectral Coherence Control® can be used to bring a front row experience to the listener, without the edginess usually associated with a more involved presentation. Individual details can be selectively brought forward, and the listener can distinguish between all the different sounds, creating audio that is lively and engaging. The listener’s attention is drawn to each aspect of sound, each in its turn as the music progresses so you get the sound quality you want on your home or portable audio rig.

  • This type of sound is obtained by using the “more Coherent’ processing; select from all of the positive range of values for the adjustable Coherence parameter, to obtain a more “Clear” sound.

If you prefer some parts of the musical spectrum more Coherent than others, Spectral Coherence Control® can do that too by selecting more Coherent processing for part of the spectrum, and less Coherent processing for the remaining parts of the spectrum…..providing the ultimate in user control; adjust the sound quality to your individual liking across the frequency range, wherever you want it….at last! Just use the Spectral Coherence Control® plug-in with any compatible music player / streaming software tool that allows for AU or VST 3 plug-in compatibility (i.e. Amarra) and tune the sounds the way you want. This is like having the ability to change cables, pre-amps, amps, or speakers to alter the sound to match your tastes with each different music track if you wish.

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