Spectral Coherence Control® Product Announcement

At the AES Conference on Audio Archiving, Preservation & Restoration June 1-3, 2023 held at the US Library of Congress National Audiovisual Conservation Center, Culpeper, Virginia, USA, Planet Venus Audio Technologies® LLC, a new technology innovator, introduced its new audio signal processing breakthrough, the Spectral Coherence Control ® digital audio workstation plug-in. It implements an algorithm that provides the ability to alter the coherence of your audio program material under user control, something no other plug in or tool can do! The Spectral Coherence Control ® plug-in allows the user to modify and refine the subtle low-level signals in recordings, or live audio streams, that are responsible for the way we perceive sound. Our innovation allows selective alteration of the perceived audio clarity or blended nature of an audio signal. This means that it is now possible to adjust these low-level signal artifacts to affect the type of sound quality you want to hear while keeping the music intact! Visit our web site at planetvenusaudiotech.com to learn more.

Clarity audio processing technology (U.S. patent 10587983)

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