Spectral Coherence Control® Demonstration at AES New York Show October 2023

At the AES Show in the Javits Center in New York City, NY October 25 – 27, 2023, Planet Venus Audio Technologies® demonstrated their patented innovative Spectral Coherence Control® plug-in to let attendees hear via headphones what it can do for their projects. While the AES Show floor is not the optimal demonstration environment, booth visitors could still hear and appreciate the improvements that Spectral Coherence Control® can provide for their mastering projects. Planet Venus Audio Technologies® LLC, a new technology innovator, partnered with SonicStudio LLC to bring this new audio signal processing breakthrough to the digital audio workstation plug-in market. The Spectral Coherence Control ® plug-in allows the user to modify and refine the subtle low-level distortions in recordings, or live audio streams, that are responsible for the way we perceive sound. It implements an algorithm that provides the ability to alter or remove these distortions to adjust the coherence of the audio program material under user control, something no other plug in or tool can do!